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Brigitte's Secret World

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Hello! My name is Brigitte. Welcome to my community!
I have been having an affair with my boss for several months now.
Back in Jan 04 we were sent to a convention along with a few other employees
from our company for a week; we videotaped ourselves having sex as it was
the first time we had been able to actually spend the entire night together.
Waking up next to him in the morning was awesome!

Anyway, we had originally done this for our own entertainment, and soon
after I started posting still shots and clips from the video on my journal!
The response was awesome and people wanted more and more, so after a few weeks
and a lot of help from a few people, we made it available for all to see in its entirety!

It is available on VCD which is 2 hours long and has many different scenes ranging from blowjobs to anal sex.
All the stills and clips on this community are from the VCD!

You can order it thru mybossrocks2 or email me at mybossrocks@yahoo.com for any questions or catch me on Yahoo chat...sn=mybossrocks
I hope you have as much fun watching it as we did making it!
Love, Brigitte

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