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Video Update!

Hi Everyone!
There has been so many things changing for me lately, its hard to keep up sometimes! I have been wanting to update everyone on this for a while and have talked to alot of you already either thru emails or on chats, but for all who I haven't, Here's the scoop!
First of all, I would like to Thank all of you who have bought my video and I have enjoyed chatting with you guys about it and reading all the emails and comments! YOU guys ROCK!!!
Anyway, a video company has offered to buy the rights to my video!!! Yippee!!!
The downside of this, is that after the deal is done, I won't be able to sell it anymore.
BUT, I have a couple weeks until the deal is final. After that, they will own the rights and I will stop selling it.
The really good part of all of this is that, while we have been talking, my friend was able to edit and add alot more footage and put it on VCD! I wish we had known about this before, but this stuff is all new to me.
The New VCD has all the footage from the original Video AND an hour of new footage added! It is 2 Hours long now!!
Then came my dilema......
The VCD's are alot cheaper to make and to ship so we decided to sell them at $8.00 + $2.00 S/H Total+$10.00
That was the good news, but then my dilema..
Many of you have already bought the VHS at $20.00, which was twice as much and only half as long. I didnt want anybody to feel like they had been ripped off by now making a better one, so here was the best solution I could come up with...
For those of you who have already purchased the VHS, please send an email to stating your name and address as it appeared on the original VHS sale. In the subject, please put "Free VCD" I will send you the new VCD with the added footage for FREE!!! NO s/h, No Nothing! FREE! That way you will have both and most importatly ALL of the footage!!
For anyone else who still wants to get the VCD, you can still do it for the next couple of weeks thru mybossrocks2 The Paypal Button has been changed for the new VCD! Its $8.00 +$2.00 s/h Total =$10.00 (opps, I said that already didn't I?)
Again, I appreciate all of you guys and hope this solution is OK with everybody. If not, email ME and tell me I'm a bitch! :/
Also I will try and post some pics and clips from the "NEW" footage very soon!!
OH! Speaking of which, I have finally got permission from the person who has made all of my bandwidth posible all this time, to mention him by name!!! This guy has been sooooo awesome and its ONLY because of him that I have been able to post more than one picture at a time and not get "Red X's" after the first hour or so! Any of you that have enjoyed my video clips have HIM to thank, because my webspace was used up after 2 pics usually!Now, not only that, but he also got me my own WEBSITE!!! .....
Is that cool or what?
So here is my request...
All the girls in this community, please send him naked pictures of yourselves!
All the men, send him naked pics of your wives,sisters,ex gf's, whatever!!!
Hehehehe!!! Just kidding of course, but believe me, THIS GUY ROCKS!!!!
He is tieespie

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