Brigitte (mybossrocks) wrote in brigitte_rocks,

Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone!
I'm Back!
Sorry, its been a wild and trying month!!! Very tragic but I'll manage! I dont want to go into details about it so please don't ask! I am dealing with this on my own terms and will get thru it by myself rest assured! My marriage is ending which is not really a bad thing! And NO! It wasnt because of the video or my affair!!!
I am alot happier now and just need to get things in order and start life a new! I have high hopes for the future!!
Anyways, Blah, blah, blah! I'm rambling again!!! hehe!
Short version...I'm back!
Anybody miss me?
I have a bazillion emails which I probably wont get to, so if you commented and I didnt answer, dont be hatin me! I've had enough hate lately!
I want LOVE!!!!!
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definately been missing you
Thanks! Ive missed being here!
missed you big time. sorry to hear about your marriage, but glad you're doing well!! xoxo
Thanks! I'm doing fine now!!!
Glad you're back.
Thank you!
of course we missed you.
eventually i iwll get time and some spare cash to get the vid.
I am rescently divorced my self so i understand the range of emotions
Thanks! Yeah! Emotions can be a bitch sometimes! But I am past that stage now!
Yippee for me!!!
sending sympathy and a big hard-on your way. On the upside, more time to play w/the boss man!
Hehehe! You know it!!!
You always have it here.
I had no idea things were this rough for you, if you ever need to talk feel free to add me to any of the IM programs, I am always willing to listen.
Awww! thank you!

offers a hug


12 years ago

lots of luck and postitive thoughts from Texas ... do what's best for YOU!
Yay for Texas!!!
Thank you!
Welcome back!
Thank you! XOXOXOXO!!!
hope that's enough hugs for ya hun....
And yes, you've been missed, i was actually wondering where you were but now you're for ya cutie.
Missed ya
Thank you! Very nice of you!

Deleted comment

Thanks! Hehe!
i just clicked to joins the comm. please add me back.. the movie show your face? i woudl like to see that
Yes it does!
Happy to have ya back on LJ :D

hey.. when post pics make sure your hair is down ;)
Just want to see and hear more...
Good. Glad you're out of there. Love ya around Brigitte
Thanks! Love you too!